Good ice cream can’t be made from powder!

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 25. 10:41

Balázs Ipacs, the co-owner of Tápiószecső confectionery Hisztéria, was one of the few people who came up with the idea of the Ice Cream Night initiative.

Ipacs Balázs

Ipacs Balázs

He told our magazine that the trade’s biggest problem at the moment is what he calls the ‘Albanian phenomenon’: making bad ice cream from low-quality ingredients, which people buy because it is cheap. Mr Ipacs believes in the importance of popularising artisan ice cream. He says that no good ice cream can be made from powder. Night programmes. Mr Ipacs revelad that in Hisztéria they are using many regional ingredients, e.g. honey, ‘sand truffle’.

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