The Egg Association teaches students how to fry eggs with breakfast recipes in a few minutes on TikTok

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 12. 14. 11:42

A third of Hungarian high school students still do not eat breakfast, and home-cooked food and family meals are an increasingly rare experience for today’s young people, according to a recent study.

The Hungarian Egg Hybrid Breeders and Egg Producers Association (Egg Association) wants to change this: they teach popular TikTokers how to make a nutritious breakfast from eggs with a few minute recipe videos. These recipes help not only the students, but also their parents to prepare nutritious breakfasts during the week-long winter break.

More than a third of Hungarian high school students (38%) eat ready meals a couple of times a month, and another third (31.5%) only once, twice or three times a week. It is very rare for the family to eat meals prepared at home together, it was revealed in a November Hungarian research. If they do eat breakfast, they usually eat it alone very quickly.

34 percent of high school students start the day without breakfast, and this negatively affects the ability to concentrate. However, due to the beneficial effects of eggs, a scrambled egg made from three eggs for breakfast will fill you up for a long time and fill you with energy until at least the early afternoon. The Egg Association wants to show young people, through recipe videos, how easy and quick it is to prepare nutritious and varied breakfasts from fresh eggs.


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