The Hungarian chewing gum is fifty years old

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 07. 31. 11:20
Archaeological finds prove that humanity has been chewing for at least five thousand years. The oldest monument to date, a piece of tar made from birch bark and containing traces of teeth, has been found in what is now Finland. And in 1970, the first full year of Hungarian chewing gum production came to an end, when the Csemege Confectionery Company had already bought French machines.

Currently, three companies in Hungary dominate the market. The successor of the former factory of the Budapest Confectionery Company is the Hungarian-owned Chocco Garden, which manufactures both domestically and for export, as well as MARS, which owns the classic Wrigley brand, and Mondelez that owns the Halls and Trident brands.

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