National campaign to promote the consumption of rabbit meat

By: STA Date: 2023. 07. 28. 10:00

Get into it” national campaign to promote domestic rabbit meat consumption in the Auchan department store in Soroksár. At the event, Péter Ondré, managing director of the Agrármarketing Centrum, Róbert Juráskó, president of the Nyúl Professional Organization and Product Council, and László Varga, purchasing director of Auchan, held a press conference. After the briefing, master chef Róbert Bede prepared delicious rabbit dishes for those interested. This year, there will be demonstration cooking and tastings at several locations throughout the country with the support of Tetrabbit Kft – domestic rabbit meat processor, the aim of which is for as many people as possible to learn about the delicacies that can be made from rabbit meat, their physiological benefits and the very diverse ways of preparing them.

(Photo: AMC)

Péter Ondré, the managing director of the Agrármarketing Centrum, said: for the first time in 2017, they promoted rabbit meat with an independent campaign. Perhaps the greatest success of the period that has passed since then is that rabbit meat is now continuously available on the shelves of most retail chains in prepackaged, ready-to-cook form. This greatly facilitates the work of housewives, it is no wonder that rabbit meat, which has extremely favorable physiological effects, is now a popular ingredient not only during the Easter season, but all year round. Róbert Juráskó, the president of the Rabbit Product Council, said that the goal of the campaign is to introduce consumers to this easy-to-digest, low-fat, healthy and tasty white meat, so that rabbit meat is on the table of Hungarian families at least once a week. The gastronomic value of rabbit meat is also very high, perhaps it is no coincidence that it is a common dish in countries with outstanding culinary culture. Different parts of the rabbit can be prepared in countless creative ways, and they can be boldly chosen as the highlight of holiday menus as well as the tasty main course of casual lunches or barbecue parties. The favorable nutritional and physiological effects of rabbit meat make it suitable for consumption by people on a diet, small children and the elderly. We can rightly say that rabbit meat is the protein source of the 21st century.

László Varga, purchasing director of Auchan Hungary, stated that Auchan stores see the effective promotion of rabbit meat in the wide range of products and favorable prices

Customers are offered a rich selection of fresh rabbit meat products, the most popular of which are roast rabbit shoulder, rabbit mince, roast rabbit leg, but you can also find specialties such as rabbit liver. Master chef Róbert Bede offered those interested with more than 300 portions of delicious rabbit tasting prepared in the show kitchen set up on site.


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