Pálinka is part of our national identity and culture

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 05. 10:30

Pálinka is one of the trademarks of Hungarians, which has been a true national treasure for centuries, unites us even in the storms of history and unites our nation – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy in his welcome speech at the 6th Pannónia Párlatverseny Awards Gala in Sormás on Saturday.

(Photo: AM/István Fekete)

The head of the ministry said that the making of pálinka is a knowledge and tradition handed down from generation to generation, which is still cultivated by Hungarian people in every corner of the former historical Hungary. This is how it became part of our culture and how it fits into our traditions. On the part of the Hungarian government, pálinka, its brewer and its craft must receive special consideration.

István Nagy emphasized that it is a fantastic thing that after so much struggle, after so much struggle, pálinka can finally be freely brewed and freely consumed

Since the system change, manufacturers, breweries, traders and tourism professionals have done a lot to revive the traditional Hungarian brandy culture, for which the legal background was also created. Since 2002, only a drink containing 100 percent fruit distillate from domestic fruit can bear the name pálinka, and the European Union has also accepted the exclusive use of the name pálinka in Hungary. Then the brandy law of 2008 and the free brewing of brandy introduced in 2010 greatly contributed to the success, the minister reminded. The head of the ministry emphasized that the prestige of our national drink could once again be returned to its rightful place, and Hungarian distillates are now again at the forefront of the world. All of this required not only dedication and knowledge, but also innovation and the appropriate combination of traditions. Our traditions keep us going and innovation moves us forward. This is the secret of the recipe and good distillates, explained the minister.


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