Magazine: The retail market is changing in Germany too

Date: 2019. 08. 13. 07:48

The cooperatives Edeka and Rewe continue to be very strong and have seen continuous sales growth. Even though discounters account for an overall market share of above 30 percent and represent the strongest channel in Germany, full range players continue to lead the market.

Denise Klug
project manager
LZ Retailytics

What are currently the most interesting topics in German retail? 

– The planned sale of Metro’s Real, the very likely scenario that Amazon will sooner or later operate physical stores in the market and Rewe Group’s plan to acquire wholesaler Lekkerland.

What would the implications of these developments be at a European level? 

– Metro is to further lose some of its European ranks after the planned Real sale, and if the competition authorities allowed Rewe to acquire Lekkerland, it would also have an impact on the entire European ranking.

What is LZ Retailytics? 

– We provide European retail intelligence with a special focus on grocers. With strategy insights we help clients to identify hidden growth opportunities. Our clients subscribe to a frequently updated database covering more than 200 European retailers. In addition to that, Retailytics offers customised projects too.

Where do the figures come from? 

– Our nearly 500,000 data points are calculated, estimated and forecasted by an international team of Senior Retail Analysts. The analyst team considers the strategy of the individual retailers plus official reports and press coverage – all available input is shaped into a high-quality data set our subscribers may use and access anytime and anywhere.

How do clients use LZ Retailytics?

– Our client group comprises manufacturers, retailers, retail technology vendors and service providers like consultancies. They use us mainly for benchmarking, an analysis of potential expansion targets, partners or customers. //


LZ Retailytics works consistently with gross external sales of the trading organizations. This method avoids double counting of sales, which would lead to incorrect calculations of market shares. Sales (retail sales in the LZ Retailytics platform) are always gross sales of goods (food and non-food) excluding sales of fuels, tourism, financial and other services that are not directly related to the goods business.

Wholesale sales are taken into account to the extent that they are made with customers outside the LZ Retailytics universe. If the financial year of a company ends in the first half of the calendar year (1 January to 30 June inclusive), it is allocated to the previous calendar year. Market shares are always the contribution of a company or its sales line(s) to the LZ Retailytics universe of a country. //

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