Auchan and Auchan Korzó increase the energy efficiency of their properties by installing solar panels

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 13. 12:17

This year’s largest solar panel investment in the Retail sector will be realized when Auchan Hungary and Nhood Hungary, which manages Auchan Korzók, will install solar panels worth 20 million euros on the roofs of the buildings to increase the energy efficiency of the properties. With this, the owners can claim the largest solar park in retail.

As a result of the investment that started in the second half of 2022, the solar power plant is already operating in 14 stores, and the solar panels will be switched on in the next half of the year in the other hypermarkets and the logistics center. The solar panels installed on Auchan can produce a total of about 26 MWp annually. This amount corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of a city with 20,000 inhabitants.

Energy efficiency is a basic requirement of sustainability that every market player must treat as a priority. As a responsible company, both Auchan Hungary and Nhood Hungary, which manages Auchan Korzók, consider it of strategic importance to contribute to a more livable future by creating a more sustainable trade and to the realization of the European Union climate goals set for this purpose.

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