István Nagy: Pálinka is one of the trademarks of national feelings

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 05. 11:31

Pálinka is one of the trademarks of Hungarians, it has been a true national treasure for centuries, it connects us in the storms of history and unites the nation, said István Nagy about pálinka, according to MTI.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the making of pálinka is a knowledge and tradition that is passed down from generation to generation, which is practiced by the Hungarian people to this day, which is how it became part of our culture and thus fits in with our traditions. He also thinks that the government should give special consideration to brandy and the maker of brandy.

According to the minister, “it’s a fantastic thing that after so much struggle, after so much struggle, pálinka can finally be freely brewed and freely consumed”, which he called the national drink.

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