The mandatory redemption system imposes an unreasonable burden on brandy distilleries

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 10. 11:49

Less frost damage than last year had a positive effect on the development of the domestic fruit harvest, which overall predicts a better year than 2023 on the brandy market as well. However, the situation of commercial breweries is complicated by the fact that despite the good harvest, the price of fruits remained high, and in addition, the compulsory redemption system (DRS) also causes a serious additional burden for the players of the sector.

Jó pálinkaszezont ígér az idei gyümölcstermés

Apricots, the most popular brandy fruit, were produced in much larger quantities in the country compared to previous years, and although there are serious losses in some areas, the harvest prospects for other fruits are also favorable. Both plums and grapes suffered from frost damage, and a lot can still happen until the harvest. The professionals expect a more favorable year overall, which may predict a slight increase in brandy sales: they hope that, after last year’s decline, we can once again expect a volume above 600,000 hectoliters.

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