New energy prices are challenging everyone

By: Gáspár Kinga Date: 2022. 07. 21. 09:45

Although we knew this in advance, it still hurts now that we cannot maintain the level of energy prices moderated by utility cost reduction. However government does not release the market prices to the population – stated utility commissioner Szilárd Németh on public television.

Electricity may cost twice as much as earlier

The decree on the increase in utilities was published in the Magyar Közlöny. The announcement shows how much we can pay for electricity and gas. The government introduced a lower-than-market retail energy price for those who exceed the previously specified limits.

“We have defined a limit. We have introduced a new tariff, a residential market price, which is lower than a market price,” said utility commissioner Szilárd Németh.

Electricity doubles in price:

  • The electricity tariff will be HUF 36 for up to 2,523 kWh/year consumption;
  • and for consumption above this, you will have to pay HUF 70.10/kWh. (According to Szilárd Németh, the real market price would be HUF 268.)
  • The price of electricity at night will be HUF 23.1 up to the limit, while this half will be HUF 62.9/kWh.
  • Tariff H is valid indefinitely.

The price of gas increases sevenfold:

  • In the case of natural gas, up to a limit of 144 cubic meters/month, the discounted tariff will be HUF 102 per cubic meter;
  • above that, the price of gas will be HUF 747/cubic meter. (According to Szilárd Németh, the real market price would be HUF 1,020.).

The discount for large families will remain, and condominiums will also receive relief.

The estimated consumption of each customer is already displayed in the MVM user accounts. If you have a user account, you can see what the service provider has calculated for you. We also show who has to pay how much in case of overconsumption.

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