EM: the energy prices of tens of thousands of micro and small businesses will be halved

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 05. 01. 09:39

In accordance with the previous announcement, the price of electricity for micro-enterprises with universal service above the band limit will be reduced to the level of the retail market price, from 165 forints to 70 forints, the Ministry of Energy (EM) told MTI on Saturday.

According to the information, the large-scale reduction of the costs of the companies concerned will help their economic operation in the sanctioned energy crisis. Based on another government decision, also from May 1st, the MVM Group will reduce Váltó’s fixed tariffs by less than half for approximately 14,000 non-residential customers in the gas supply and nearly 17,000 in the electricity supply. They reminded: last August, the government kept more than 180,000 micro-enterprises in the universal service in order to preserve their functionality.

Companies employing no more than 10 people and with a turnover of no more than 2 million euros receive electricity at different prices below and above their 4,606 kilowatt-hour band limit, similar to the practice followed for families. In case of usage exceeding the average consumption, from May 1st, their electricity prices will be reduced to the level of the residential market price, from HUF 165 to HUF 70 per kilowatt hour. Together with the HUF 58 tariff up to the utility-protected level, the expenses of the companies involved will be significantly reduced – the ministry pointed out. It was highlighted: in the 2022-2023 round, the national energy company helped its non-residential customers with an unresolved supply situation by introducing Váltó fixed tariffs.

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