Shared company bikes and mini offices in the workplace – could this be the future?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 19. 11:11

First came the open-plan workplaces, then the communal offices, and then the alternately used desks. At the same time, online storage facilities and other digital systems that can be managed together appeared. More recently, even a company car is used by several employees, and shared electric bicycles and scooters are slowly entering the market. But how can so many shared devices, rooms and systems be efficiently brought together, and what else is coming in the future? TOPdesk Hungary has now collected which areas are worth paying attention to.

As many companies have switched to office work 1-2 days a week in recent years, and employees can even work from home for a significant part of the week, dedicated office workstations have practically become redundant. According to the so-called shared desk concept, several employees can use one desk in turn – this solution may be necessary if the organization has fewer workstations than the number of office workers. This can be done by colleagues coming in on alternate weeks and occupying an empty chair in the morning, or by reserving their seats in advance in an online system

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