Opinions differ as to why bread is the most expensive in Hungary

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 09. 21. 15:23

The opposition links it to the prime minister, experts prefer to explain why the inflation of food, including bread, has shot up with the Russians’ war against Ukraine. Euronews discusses various explanations.

According to the Bakers Association, the price of bread will continue to rise

According to the government’s communication so far, the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture blames the war and the “misguided EU sanctions”. According to Zsolt Feldman, the state secretary responsible for agriculture and rural development, at least these have led to an energy crisis not seen in a long time and to high inflation, which also manifests itself in food prices through the increase in production costs.

“If war is the cause of all problems, then how is it that inflation in Hungary is twice as high as in other European countries; why is it that the price of food here is simply unaffordable?”

– asked Klára Dobrev on behalf of the opposition DK, who said that “Viktor Orbán hides behind the war so that he is not held responsible for what is happening in this country.”

However, according to Eurostat, the increase in the price of bread was primarily due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which significantly disrupted the global markets, considering that the two countries were significant exporters of grain, wheat or even corn.

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