The rescheduled area and animal-based support payments have started

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:00

Almost 48,000 producers received over HUF 55.6 billion in support under 11 legal titles this week from the Hungarian State Treasury thanks to the extraordinary rescheduling.This also started the payment of the new green subsidy, the Agro-ecology Program (AÖP). HUF 470 billion was previously paid to farmers in connection with the 2023 area and animal-based subsidies.

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The new EU support cycle that started last year places a more complicated burden on producers and the public administration than ever before, which is why the government is making extraordinary efforts to provide farmers with the greatest possible help amid the market and financial difficulties.Therefore, with the temporary reallocation of government office and treasury resources, payments were made weeks earlier than the original schedule in several support titles. In this week’s payment package, the value of which exceeds 55 billion forints, the new legal title, the Agro-ecological Program (AÖP), also appeared in the order of 35.6 billion forints. Thanks to this, 45 percent of the funds available in the case of the AÖP reached almost 37,000 stakeholders, approximately 60 percent of the grant applicants. In several member states – where the AÖP is not implemented in a model similar to the Hungarian one – they will not be able to meet the deadline of June 30 for making payments, as set out in EU legislation.

Within the framework of the basic area-based support (BISS), the office transferred more than HUF 3 billion to more than 200 customers this week, while in the case of the supplementary support that can be provided through reallocation developed for small farms (CRISS), a total of HUF 1.2 billion was paid to 3.5 thousand farmers. With this, more than 90 percent of the subsidy has already been paid to more than 150,000 producers for both rights. In addition to these, more than 3,000 stakeholders received funds in the amount of 2.6 billion forints in the case of production-related subsidies, so around 60 percent of these entitlements have already been paid.

375 million HUF for rice growers, 406 million HUF for vegetable growers, 1.2 billion HUF for supporting the cultivation of industrial vegetable crops, another 226 million HUF for sheep farmers, 130 million HUF for supporting dairy cows, while 694 million HUF for supporting the cultivation of fibrous protein fodder plants million forints. This week, a significant amount of money was also transferred to the beneficiaries of the popular Agricultural Environment Management (AKG) and Ecological Transition and Maintenance (ÖKO) subsidies. In the case of the former, 5,000 customers received an amount exceeding HUF 9 billion, and in the case of the latter, HUF 3,7 billion reached 1,500 producers in these days. In addition to area- and animal-based payments, several additional investment and rural development grants were disbursed this week. Beneficiaries of investment and other tenders received a total of almost HUF 6 billion in the current round, in the case of 28 different support schemes. In terms of value, the development of food processing plants should be highlighted, where the allocation of support exceeding HUF 2.3 billion helps the modernization of the sector.


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