The world’s first boring phone has been released thanks to Heineken

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 19. 11:47

Heineken®, in collaboration with street culture tastemaker Bodega, presented “The Boring Phone” produced by Human Mobile Devices (HMD).

We intentionally left out the extras from the limited number of “dumb phones” to encourage people to disconnect from their smartphones a little and focus more on their real, personal, face-to-face relationships while partying.

Smartphones are getting more exciting every year, it’s getting easier to get lost in the world of the internet – and it’s getting harder to experience real moments. The Heineken® x Bodega Boring Phone by HMD takes the distracting functions of phones to the next level: we designed it to have the basics, so you can make calls and send messages on it – and you won’t need anything else during a night of partying.

Like Gen Z, we also really feel the “Newtro” trend, i.e. “modernized retro” – this inspired the phone’s 2000s-evoking transparent case and hologram stickers. In addition, we removed everything that could distract you: you can’t download social media apps with it, and nothing that can take you out of the moment. What’s more, it can last up to a week on a single charge – that’s roughly 20 hours of talk time.

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