Do Hungarians like Heineken the most?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 21. 11:13

According to the latest Pénczenrum poll, Heineken’s beers are still the most popular among readers, although Dreher is not far behind. Borsodi is in third place, but significantly behind, while Carlsberg proved to be less popular even among non-beer drinkers.

Heineken is in first place The business results for the year 2023 show that while Borsodi’s and Heineken’s net sales growth was only 6%, Dreher’s and Carlsberg’s recorded a significant increase of 19% and 16%, respectively, compared to the previous year. It is particularly noteworthy that Dreher overtook Heineken in the domestic market for the first time this year, although Heineken still has a significant advantage in exports. In terms of after-tax results, Dreher is one of the year’s winners, with an increase of more than HUF 2.7 billion compared to the previous year, while Heineken nevertheless achieved a positive result with HUF 4.5 billion in revenue. On the other hand, Borsodi and Carlsberg ended the year with a loss, which is also reflected in the voting results: only 3% of readers voted for Carlsberg, while the proportion of non-beer drinkers was 4%. During the voting, Heineken proved to be the most popular with 43.33%, followed by Dreher with 32.46%, followed by other beers such as Pilsner or Kozel. As the third most popular manufacturer, Borsodi achieved 17.37%.

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