Magazine: Ham brands set the bar even higher

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 03. 06. 07:34

Attila Lukács
product manager
Pick Szeged

Despite the good economic situation and positive consumption trends, the volume sales of Easter hams decreased a bit in 2018, in comparison with the same period of 2017: shops sold 5.6 percent less ham – reported Attila Lukács, junior product manager of Pick Szeged Zrt. ‘Smoked meat’ and ‘smoked-cooked meat’ volume sales amounted to 3,736 tons in March-April 2018. 75 percent of sales was realised by smoked meats and smoked-cooked meats were responsible for the remaining 25 percent. One of the reasons for the decline in volume sales is that the Easter season was shorter last year, because Easter Sunday was on 1 April in 2018; this year 21 April is going to be Easter Sunday.

PICK Békebeli smoked products contain no flavour enhancer or artificial colouring, and they are free from soy, gluten and lactose. Shoppers can choose from Békebeli pork shoulder, Békebeli pork loin and Békebeli pork slices (Frikandó). Some products are available seasonally, such as Békebeli pork hind shank and Békebeli butt end ham. The full PICK assortment is available in 0.8-1,2kg pre-packaged variant, with a 45-day shelf life.

László Kovács
managing director
Pápai Hús

We were informed by László Kovács, managing director of Pápai Hús Kft. that last year they had come up with the best ham sales performance of the last 10 years, in terms of both value and volume. This year they expect further sales growth, especially in the premium categories, such as tied ham, artisan peasant ham and peasant pork shoulder. He revealed that hams cured traditionally are going through a revival. The company plans to market Easter hams in a new, vacuum bag packaging.

Gábor Zab
director of domestic sales
Kométa 99

Gábor Zab, domestic sales director of Kométa 99 Zrt. told our magazine that demand had kept increasing for premium hams in 2018. Kométa reacted to this trend by putting special-method Kemencés products and various ham specialties on the market, e.g. under the Pedranzini brand name aged beef ham Bresaola and classic Prosciutto Crudo ham appeared on store shelves. Kemencés Roast Ham, Kemencés Turkey Breast and Chicken Brest Ham, Kométa Prague Ham and Kométa Deli Ham are also top-category Easter hams. Recently the company has reduced the salt content of products by 25 percent, while their excellent taste has remained the same! Since the company is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, in their Easter campaign they will be calling the attention of shoppers to the importance of physical exercise. //

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