MediaMarkt: Treasure-worthy objects are hidden in the closets of Hungarians

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 19. 11:35

By buying down, we compensate for our still uncertain financial situation, but this also has positive returns, according to the representative consumer research conducted by MediaMarkt in March. Own-brand products have come to the fore, and the booming used goods market can boost the circular economy.

Last year’s big challenge was that due to high energy prices and inflation, purchasing power decreased and real wages weakened. The latter was corrected with salary increases, but the market is slowly recovering from last year’s downturn. At the end of February last year, the turnover in MediaMarkt’s stores started to decline, but since February this year, there has been a recovery again. Last autumn, Hungary’s largest technical department store chain conducted research for the first time on the consumer mood, outlook and perception of the population during the then inflationary situation. In March of this year, he wondered how this mood had developed since last year: had the willingness to buy increased, how had consumer habits changed?

The research was conducted with the Opinio Piackutató application with the involvement of more than 1,100 participants. According to the majority of those who completed the survey, the economic situation at home has not improved: according to 22%, it has stagnated, and according to 42%, it has even worsened, yet a third of the respondents are optimistic about the future. Presumably, the consequence of this mood and caution is that consumers have not yet returned to their usual shopping habits. Although favorable signs are already visible, trade has not picked up as much as was forecast.

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