MDOSZ: The SMART PLATE® for children is ready

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 01. 10:20

The National Association of Hungarian Dietitians (MDOSZ) has issued a new nutritional recommendation, this time for the 4-6 year olds. After adults and school children, kindergarteners have now also received their own OKOSTÁNYÉR® guide, which aims to help families with small children and to establish good eating habits even in the smallest ones at an early age.

The History of the SMART TABLE®

The first version of OKOSTÁNYÉR® was prepared for the adult population in 2016, replacing the recommendation 30 years earlier. The new recommendation takes into account recent international scientific results, legislation, as well as domestic dietary habits and tastes. Instead of the previous nutrient-based recommendation, it uses a food-based approach, which is easier to understand even for lay people. The new form of representation, the plate (pie chart), serves to make it easier to understand the correct proportions.

A year and a half after the adult recommendation, the guide was also developed for children, which follows the marking system for adults, but also includes the determination of separate portions and amounts due to differences in daily energy needs. As an innovation, an energy requirement calculator and dosing guide were also prepared for them.

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