There is already an Aldi store operating completely without a cashier

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 12. 11:42

Aldi opened its first cashier-less store. In the new store, customers no longer have to stand in line or go through the payment process – instead, they can simply choose and leave.

Aldi’s new store offers not only traditional products, but also various alcoholic beverages, which customers can easily purchase with the help of facial recognition technology. This development is modeled after the well-known checkout-less stores, such as the systems introduced by Amazon and Tesco.

The high-tech camera system installed in the store monitors customers and also tracks the products they choose. When customers leave, the system automatically creates an invoice, making the shopping process quick and efficient.

Aldi already tested the store with its own employees months ago to ensure the system was running smoothly. The purpose of the service, which was launched on Tuesday, is to eliminate long queues in stores and to facilitate the opening of more stores with a similar format.

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