There is just over 1 year left until NIS2 comes into force – the logistics sector is also affected

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 19. 11:06

There may still be many people who have not come across NIS2, the directive on measures to ensure a uniform high level of cyber security throughout the EU. However, the concept may soon affect many actors, including those working in connection with logistics, it was revealed at the Club Day of the Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) held in the first half of September.

The Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) regularly holds Club Days, the purpose of which is, among other things, to enable those active in logistics to present their portfolios, conduct professional cooperations and discussions, and also introduce current trends to their participants. The most recent event of the organization took place on the topic of logistics safety and efficiency improvement, at which Dr. Zoltán Doór, president of the Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE), Gábor Laczkó, managing director of Aspectis Kft., Tamás Molnár, business development manager of Aspectis Kft., Tibold Balogh, presented the CEO of Ultinous Zrt. and Ákos Varga, the managing director of Presite Kft.

“The greater the digitization, the greater the risk”

– said Dr. Zoltán Doór, president of the Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE), about why it was important to put logistics security and efficiency improvement on the agenda.

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