Bread of Magyars – The wheat collected by the Hungarian farmers of Transcarpathia was merged in Nagydobrony

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 11. 11:00

Almost 160 tons of wheat collected by Hungarian farmers in Transcarpathia in the Magyarok Kenyere-15 million grains of wheat program were merged on Saturday in Nagydobrony, Ungvár district.

(Photo: Pixabay)

István Jakab, the president of the National Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Associations and Farmers’ Cooperatives (MAGOSZ), the vice-president of the Parliament, expressed his hope that this year it will be possible to exceed the amount of more than 1,000 tons of grain collected in the Hungarian Bread program last year. He welcomed the Transcarpathian Hungarian farmers, who last year donated the most grain in the Carpathian basin in proportion to the population. In Transcarpathia, in wartime conditions, people know what need means, “what it means when I have a little and am able to give to someone who has nothing,” he said. The president of MAGOSZ emphasized that he came to the ceremony with the wish for peace again this year, and said that in accordance with the Hungarian constitution, “Hungary assumes responsibility for all Hungarians, no matter where they live in the world”. The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly reminded that “the Hungarian government is conducting the largest humanitarian aid program in the history of Hungary” and is ready to play its part in the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. “This is our job, this is our task, both as Europeans and as Hungarians,” he said.

Agricultural support, agricultural specialist training

István Jakab told the correspondent of the public service media and the Transcarpathian Hungarian-language press that MAGOSZ, together with the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy, brought more than HUF 100 million worth of aid to Transcarpathia: flour, seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products. And now they are launching a scholarship program for training agricultural professionals, in which young farmers from Transcarpathia will also get involved. László Hidi, the president of the Pro Agricultura Carpatika Subcarpathian County Charitable Foundation, which organized the Transcarpathian collection and wheat collection, reminded that wheat was collected for the ninth time in Transcarpathia this year in the Magyarok Kenyere program. Due to the war, the number of Hungarians decreased, however, “the Transcarpathian Hungarian is not a man of retreat, but a man of survival,” he said. This is also proven by the fact that this year, 1,997 farmers from the Hungarian-inhabited settlements of the county collected almost 160 tons of crops, which is a record amount. Finally, the speaker thanked MAGOSZ and the Hungarian government for the extensive support provided to the Hungarian farming community in Transcarpathia.


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