Hungarian Tourist Agency: Czech, Polish and Romanian arrivals are above the level before the virus situation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 09. 19. 11:27

Arrivals from the TOP3 nearby sending markets – the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania – increased spectacularly until the end of July this year: compared to both 2019 and 2022, more guests arrived from these countries – the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) told MTI on Tuesday .

It was announced: even compared to the same period of the record year 2019, 18 percent more, 294 thousand guests arrived from Romania, 7 percent more, about 255 thousand from the Czech Republic, and 5 percent more, nearly 265 thousand, from Poland. The number of guest nights spent by guests increased in a similar proportion and exceeded 2 million. The TOP3 nearby sending market, which represents a respectable volume in domestic tourism, generates significant income for domestic accommodations.

Compared to the same period last year, 31 percent more people visited Hungary from Poland, 25 percent from the Czech Republic, and 23 percent more from Romania, but this year’s visitor traffic data from Romania exceeded even the data of the record year 2019 by more than 10 percent. The tourists of all three countries have in common that they are looking for rural tourist attractions, they like to stay in rural settlements, where they prefer private accommodation over hotels.

According to MTÜ, Czech tourists spent 23 percent of their guest nights in the capital and 77 percent in rural accommodations, while for Poles this ratio was 35 and 65 percent, while 38 percent of Romanian tourists stayed in Budapest and 62 percent in rural Hungary.

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