Today is World Diabetes Day: every 10th Hungarian is affected

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 14. 11:53

Deaths related to diabetes and its complications are constantly increasing all over the world. In our country, 1,000 people lose their sight every year due to diabetes. 75 percent of people with diabetes die as a result of cardiovascular complications.

Obesity triples the chance of developing diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle, a diet rich in unrefined carbohydrates and calories, and persistent stress all contribute to the development of diabetes. In the field of prevention and treatment, we can do a lot to avoid serious complications – it was said at the policy forum organized by the Association of Hungarian Medical Societies and Associations, related to World Diabetes Day.

Type 2 diabetes, which occurs most often in adulthood and is initially well treatable with tablet therapy, is the 21st century. by the turn of the century, it had grown into a real public disease: type 2 diabetes and its precursors affected approx. They affect 15 percent of the population, and the disease costs more than HUF 200 billion annually. Many people don’t even know they have diabetes, which makes it impossible to avoid devastating health consequences.

The clinical significance of diabetes is determined by complications.

“Nearly half of diabetics develop kidney damage. According to estimates, the number of people suffering from chronic kidney disease in Hungary exceeds 1.5 million, and diabetes is responsible for nearly 40 percent of all cases. Patients are twice as likely to need hospital treatment in connection with other diseases”

– called the attention of Professor György Ábrahám, a professor at the University of Szeged, entitled “Innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes” at the professional policy forum organized in the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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