Loyalty building as part of an omnichannel strategy

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 04. 12. 09:37

According to a study by SessionM – which referred to Retail Touchpoints – from 2017, in the last 4 years consumers have been losing interest in traditional loyalty programmes. eMarketer reported similar news, saying that programmes have more participants, but the number of active consumers reduced. The SessionM study introduced 5 examples of efficient loyalty programmes.

Mobile apps have become the No.1 communication channel. The My Starbucks Rewards programme by Starbucks isn’t simply a loyalty programme for mobile, because its order function makes life easier for the coffee chain’s customers. Just a tap on the screen, and by the time the customer gets to the nearest café, their favourite brew is already waiting for them.

In Sephora’s Beauty Insiders programme shoppers are put into different categories, based on the sum they spend in Sephora shops a year. In these groups they can benefit from different advantages. The brand has also created the online platform Rewards Bazaar, where new rewards are waiting for shoppers for their loyalty points every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Taco Bell Explore game successfully combines the loyalty programme with playing and social media experiences. Users of the app can share their game results on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those who reach the first level get a free Taco Bell drink, and at higher levels they are entitled to receive USD 100 worth of gift cards or seats reserved for them in one of the chain’s restaurants.

Harley-Davidson is a brand that has many fans. The company started the H.O.G. – Harley Owners Group programme to build a community of them. Fans of the brand that belong to the group now spend 30 percent more on average at Harley-Davidson than non-members. Three membership levels are available to consumers, each of these come with different experiences and gifts. Experts say that this complex strategy works well in the case of brands that are already strong.

Harley-Davidson has also entered into cooperation with Best Western Hotels: Best Western Ride Rewards is basically a 3-level package for Harley-Davidson riders, who can benefit from lower room rates, bike washing facilities, etc. More than 130,000 Harley owners have already joined the programme, and their number is growing by more than 10 percent a year. Conclusion: long-term consumer loyalty can only be built using tailor-made programmes. //


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