The rise in agricultural producer prices began to accelerate again in November,

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 01. 18. 11:50
As a result of a 15.5 percent rise in prices for crop and horticultural products and an average fall of 6.2 percent in the prices of livestock and animal products, the purchase price of agricultural products was 7.2 percent higher in November last year; thus, after three months of deceleration, the annual price increase accelerated again, according to the data available on the website of the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

After April and May, November was the third highest rate of appreciation. The rise in plant prices was fueled by a 23.4 percent rise in industrial crops, a 19.9 percent rise in cereal prices and a 14.9 percent rise in fruit prices, while vegetables rose by an average of 0.6 percent and the purchase price of potatoes was 24.5 percent lower than the previous November. (MTI)