Joining forces for climate neutral fruit juice production

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 05. 04. 09:54

Tetra Pak and RAUCH have a long-standing partnership, working together to ensure that their products and processes are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. In another step towards sustainability, Happy Day fruit drinks have been given new Tetra Pak packaging.

This packaging is made from cardboard, which is proven to be responsible for very low carbon emissions. In addition to this, product closures and protective covers are made from sugarcane-based plastic, replacing polluting alternatives. The new materials and production processes have significantly increased the positive environmental impact of Happy Day products, bringing the two companies closer to being fully climate neutral. Happy Day Immun plusz and Immun vital, the latest flavours launched in the Hungarian market, are only available in the new, plant-based packaging. (x)

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