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Joining forces for climate neutral fruit juice production

Tetra Pak and RAUCH have a long-standing partnership, working together to ensure that their products and processes are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. In another step towards sustainability, Happy Day...

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Tetra Pak: RAUCH has been distributing Happy Day juices in plant-based packaging since the fall of 2021

Tetra Pak and RAUCH have been working closely together for many years to keep pace with the dynamic changes in consumer demand. In a world where people are becoming more...

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Ranking of brands and manufacturers offering the most prize games

According to data from Webnyeremeny.hu, in the last two years Happy Day, Rexona, Pöttyös, the Procter & Gamble multibrand, Coca-Cola and Fa (in this order) were the brands which organised...

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