Magazine: Finger food’s conquest

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2022. 05. 13. 06:54

Finger food is a category that keeps developing, thanks to the many areas of possible use and the general diversity. What is more, finger food also fits into basically every important culinary trend – street food, on-the-go eating, the fusion of different cuisines, easy planning with little waste, combining elements creatively and quickly, and that a small staff is enough for preparation.

Trends and consumer needs

Gosztola Tímea, Metro

Tímea Gosztola
processed meat and frozen food product buyer

Tímea Gosztola, METRO Kereskedelmi Kft.’s processed meat and frozen product buyer: “Finger food sales are on the rise in every buyer segment! High quality products with bigger meat or cheese content are gradually replacing formerly popular breaded products with low meat content. Health trends are making a conquest and the number of vegetarians is growing, but still only at a slow pace. Our most popular product is breaded onion rings, followed by jalapeno pepper filled with Cheddar cheese. Soon we will launch Karaage chicken nuggets, Kentucky chicken wings and chilli cheese chicken strips.”


Czesznak Ilona, Gallicoop

Ilona Czesznak
head of innovation department

Ilona Czesznak, the head of Gallicoop Zrt.’s innovation department: “Nowadays people tend to eat at random times on weekdays, and snacking between meals is becoming more and more important. At the same time demand is on the rise for convenience products, and finger foods are winners in this situation. They can be prepared and served quickly and simply, plus can be eaten hygienically. In 2022 new Gallio products will hit the market – high quality plain and breaded filled meatballs and nuggets, and ready-to-eat breaded meat slices.”






A shared experience

Nagygyörgy Zoltán-Pick Szeged

Zoltán Nagygyörgy
product manager
Pick Szeged

Zoltán Nagygyörgy, Pick Szeged Zrt.’s product manager: “Sharing a meal with friends or family members is more important than ever before. People enjoy having some finger food, tapas or mezze in the company of others. As for Pick Szeged Zrt., we have has established a one-of-kind category in the Hungarian processed meat market: snack sausage. Since the launch snack sausage has become the star of family gatherings and parties, thanks to its diversity and spectacular look. Driven by the positive consumer feedback, we followed up with the market entry of Pick PickStick Snack products, which have also proved to be very popular among consumers.”





The latest best innovations: cucumber pickels coated in cheese dumplings, vegetarian and pulled meat variations of mini-wraps and bits on sticks, falafel dumplings become more and more exciting, like the ones made with beetroot and ginger or those with harissa or edamame


The near future

Tímea Gosztola underlined that the street food trend and the workforce shortage situation motivate METRO’s product innovation team the most. Finger foods are already available in basically every café, snack bar or restaurant. With today’s rapid pace of life, it is essential for these places to be able to serve standard high quality food to guests, as quickly as possible.

Ilona Czesznak explained that Gallicoop Zrt.’s innovation work is shaped by market trends and consumer needs – and these are changing rapidly. Gallio products are characterised by innovation, flexibility and reliability, so it comes as no surprise that they were rewarded with the grand prize at the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition (OMÉK) in the year of their launch. //

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