Farmers can count on a predictable agricultural support system this year as well

By: STA Date: 2023. 01. 23. 10:00

Hungarian farmers are facing another difficult year, but they can trust the predictable agricultural support system this year as well – said the Minister of Agriculture at his press conference in Budapest on Monday.

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István Nagy called the launch of the new agricultural support system one of the most important tasks. The tenders will have their own website, and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) and the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK) have already started touring the country to present the tender opportunities and conditions. Due to market difficulties, planning is particularly important, producers can count on the government’s help – he emphasized. According to the head of the ministry, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) until 2027 can bring about the period of implementation of the plans, and its EU and budget resources represent a historic opportunity for Hungarian agriculture and the food industry. A total of HUF 539 billion in direct area- and animal-based support can be applied for under five legal titles with unified applications that can be submitted in the spring. This year, it will be possible to pay almost HUF 1,400 billion in agricultural and rural development subsidies, but the loan moratorium, interest subsidy or interest rate freeze can also help agriculture, he added.

István Nagy believes that by 2030, the productivity of agriculture can increase by one and a half times, and its added value by two times

The Hungarian farming community has proven that they can supply the entire country with healthy food despite the effects of the war and the failed Brussels sanctions, so despite the difficulties there is reason to be optimistic, he said. The president of the Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Associations and Farmers’ Cooperatives (Magosz) announced that the social consultation on the implementing regulations related to the CAP can begin within days. As soon as the legislation is published, informational materials will be prepared for farmers, and agricultural consultants will receive the necessary training – added István Jakab, who continues to ask the government not to introduce a land tax, since farmers will still take their share of public burdens .

At the press conference, advocacy leaders evaluated the 2022 results and this year’s prospects

According to the president of the National Hungarian Bee Association (OMME), the previous year was a good one, as it started well, but then the honey harvest dwindled due to the drought. At the same time, Péter Bross considered it a success that the majority of domestically produced and marketed honey is now sold directly by Hungarian beekeepers, thanks to the support of the Agricultural Ministry and the Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC). He also considers the inclusion of beekeeping in the CAP as an unprecedented result, since they were previously left out of the EU’s agricultural policy. Among the novelties, he also highlighted the extension of animal welfare support to bees, which Hungary was the first of the EU member states to ratify. At the same time, he complained that the EU market is flooded with Ukrainian honey in huge quantities, but without quality control, which, together with Chinese honey, accounts for two-thirds of EU honey imports. If the situation does not change, honey production may cease in the EU within 10-15 years, which is mainly a problem because honey can be imported, but pollination cannot be – he emphasized. According to the president of the National Council of Mountain Communities (HNT), grape and wine producers also faced the consequences of the war, but Otto Légli is confident that their situation will improve. Plantation plantings, infrastructural developments, and technological upgrades of the past years have created a solid foundation for growth, while significant progress is expected in the field of wine marketing in the coming period. At the same time, he noted that state assistance alone is not enough, the role of self-care and own initiative is at least as important in moving forward. The prime minister’s chief adviser promised that the government would continue to cooperate with agricultural organizations, and that the crisis would never be handled at the expense of farmers. At the same time, Zsolt Nyitrai presented the 2023 agricultural calendar, which will be distributed to farmers in tens of thousands of copies with the help of professional newspapers and intermediary organizations.


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