Easter was favorable for the meat industry

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 02. 12:37

Although the domestic lamb export market developed favorably this year due to the strong Easter and Ramadan holidays, the long-term problems of the lamb sector still exist, overshadowing the positive news of this season.

According to the report of the Agricultural Sector, the price of live lamb decreases as the weight increases, but remains high despite the HUF 50 decrease per kilogram, around HUF 2,000 in the 20-24 kilogram weight category.

According to family farmer Mátyás Holló, this price is still favorable, taking into account the weight loss, which is 12 percent. According to György Kiss, the production vice-president of the Hungarian Sheep and Goat Breeding Association, the players in the sector can be satisfied with the price increase, which amounts to 25-30 percent in one year. However, there are still issues that prevent full utilization, such as feeding problems and cash-flow problems due to non-payment.

The lamb sector continues to face long-term challenges such as labor shortages, generational change difficulties and lack of development. These problems continue to threaten the stabilization and development of the sector, so although this season looks favorable, it will be important to continue to address the structural problems in the lamb sector.

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