Canada is an important agricultural economic partner of our country

By: STA Date: 2022. 12. 16. 10:27

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy discussed economic, food, environmental protection and education issues with Marie-Claude Bibeau, head of Canada’s Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry, in Montreal on Friday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

At the meeting, István Nagy drew attention to the fact that the economic relations between the two countries are very lively. Premium products of the Hungarian agriculture and food industry find their way onto the market here, in addition to duck and chicken, rabbit meat also appeared in the North American country. It is good to see that local consumers prefer sustainably produced, healthy food. He explained that there is special cooperation between the two nations in livestock breeding as well. The minister also thanked the Canadian animal health authority, since regionalization is used in connection with bird flu. The head of the ministry asked the authorities of the two countries to follow the same principle in practice in relation to Hungarian pigs.

Canada results to follow

The minister also mentioned that the ratification of the free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) is on the government’s table, but the social aspects of the initiative must also be examined. The fact that the Netherlands and Germany have already ratified CETA can give the process a big boost. According to the minister, the agreement could also be beneficial for the Hungarian economy. István Nagy also expressed his hope that bilateral relations can be strengthened in terms of university courses, instructors and students. He emphasized that “there is no shame in learning from the good” and that Canada has achievements that we would like to learn more about. Safe food is a key issue, which is why the use of precision tools is extremely important, which is why we created our country’s Digital Agricultural Strategy and why we want to rely on the experience of the North American country, added the head of the agricultural ministry.


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