Magazine: You can collect your beer now!

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2021. 07. 09. 07:30

A Hungarian start-up developed a smartphone app for bars and restaurants, which guests can use to order food or drinks, pay for them and collect them without having to queue at the counter. HelloLine debuted in Élesztőház beer bar, but the application is a so-called collective app, so more bars and restaurants can use it, not just one.

By using the app guests can spend their time more comfortably in a bar or restaurant, while it generates extra sales for the owner – the developers say it can increase sales by up to 20-30 percent. Based on earlier purchases, the app can recommend products to guests. The developers say it is best if the bar or restaurant manager appoints a person who only deals with orders placed in the app. Guests can give the staff a tip in HelloLine too: they can choose from options between 0 and 20 percent.

The price of every unordered drink is missing from the owner’s wallet

Owners need to pay a commission to the developers of the app, when fewer people use it – which means that the bar or restaurant isn’t crowded – it is 1.5 percent, but when the place is busy, the commission is 2.5 percent. In June HelloLine will establish its German affiliate, where work will start with a Hungarian managing director and the company plans dynamic expansion in several European countries. They say they are full of ideas! //

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