A forest from yogurt: Nádudvari supported the planting of 5,000 tree seedlings

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 29. 11:54

This year, Nádudvari Élélmiszer Kft. implements a comprehensive environmentally conscious development program, as a result of which the amount of energy covering the needs of approximately 300 families has been saved. In the spirit of sustainable farming, the company is also taking further steps, such as the “Get closer to nature with a yogurt!” announced in the fall. campaign, as a result of which the company supports the planting of nearly one hectare, i.e. 5,000 indigenous black poplar saplings, in the Debrecen Forest, which was chosen as the “Most Beautiful Forest in Hungary” this year. The event took place at the end of November.

In December, the 650 million HUF green development program at Nádudvari Élélmiszer Kft. will be completed, which shows the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly operation. The projects were financed from own and state resources, as well as from a green loan provided by OTP Bank.

“The company group’s priority is to operate as green as possible. As a food industry company, we cannot think otherwise. That is why we strive to achieve meaningful results in all areas, including production and even packaging development. Based on customer feedback, we can see that when it comes to choosing a product, consumers must choose from a company that they know has either built environmentally conscious production and operations, or is making serious progress in this area.”

– emphasized Ádám Nagy, the managing director of Nádudvari.

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