We have received good news, the drought situation may improve moderately from the weekend!

By: STA Date: 2022. 08. 17. 15:32

The next three hot days require increased attention from water specialists, but according to forecasts, the drought situation may improve moderately from the weekend, the National Water Directorate General (OVF) told MTI on Wednesday.

Even if it doesn’t provide a complete solution, the expected amount of precipitation will alleviate the drought. (Photo: Pixabay)

The precipitation predicted for the weekend “may stabilize the water systems”, they wrote. In the foreign watersheds of the Danube, between 10 and 63 millimeters of rain is likely, the bulk of the precipitation will fall from Friday to Sunday. Experts are also expecting precipitation in the Tisza catchment area, especially in the Slovakian and Hungarian parts, where up to 50-74 millimeters of precipitation can fall between Saturday and Tuesday.

The whole country is expecting an easing of thunderstorms

From Saturday, more changeable weather is expected in Hungary as well, with moderate and short-term cooling. With the passage of the cold front, showers and thunderstorms may occur in several directions. According to the latest forecast, “with greater than average uncertainty”, in the next 6 days, especially in the central and eastern part of the country, a significant amount of precipitation may arrive on a regional average. However, due to the extreme drought, the Tisza-Körös Valley Collaborative Water Management System will still have water demands: until the end of the season almost 20 million cubic meters of water is expected for irrigation and 17 million cubic meters for fish ponds. It was written that, from the point of view of rice cultivation, the water needs were practically 100 percent met, and no further irrigation needs are expected there. According to the latest water level forecasts, a definite rise in the water level on the Danube in Budapest is likely from Saturday. On the Ráckevei-Soroksári-Danube branch, continuous pump water replacement is still necessary. Due to the low water level of the river, the water replenishment of the Danube branch can no longer be supported only by pumping at the Kvassay lock, but also with the Tassi artificial object, they said.

The water level of the lakes is low, but its quality is good

The average water level on Lake Balaton on Wednesday morning was 74 centimeters. It was emphasized that the lower water level does not worsen the water quality. Lake Venice was 56 centimeters in the morning, with its low water level, the supply of oxygen is critical. At the moment, this is not threatened either by external organic matter loading or by the amount of overgrowing algae. At the same time, the rising water temperature reduces the water’s ability to retain oxygen, therefore, as a precaution, aeration and water circulation devices were installed at several points of the lake, and they are operated every day during the “critical” period from 4-5 am to 10 am. According to recent measurements, the oxygen saturation in the lake is between 86 and 100 percent, which perfectly satisfies the living conditions of the fish, says the OVF announcement.


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