Magazine: During the pandemic, after the pandemic: What is the situation in the warehouses?

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2020. 06. 30. 07:16
Kardos Péter - SSI Schäfer

Péter Kardos
managing director
SSI Schäfer

Just like many other warehouse storage firms, SSI Schäfer is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing director Péter Kardos told our magazine: transportation difficulties and the loosening of personal ties with customers caused problems for the company. SSI Schäfer brings out the most from digital technology to stay in touch with partners and to continue with development and sourcing activities. Mr Kardos said that the current situation puts efficiency increasing in the spotlight, which entails a review of the warehouse technology used. AGV technologies make it possible to implement the whole storage process without human intervention.

Horváth Zoltán - Jungheinrich

Zoltán Horváth
managing director
Jungheinrich Hungária

Warehouse storage and logistics play a crucial role in the supply chain. In the spirit of social responsibility, Jungheinrich Hungária Kft. helped to ensure the uninterrupted supply of food and medicine in the pandemic situation. Managing director Zoltán Horváth revealed that demand increased sharply for their forklift truck rental, repair and maintenance service, as market players in retail and wholesale have been using forklift trucks more heavily due to the increased demand for food. The company’s development work concentrates on energy efficiency, safety and automation. Jungheinrich’s lithium ion battery operated forklifts guarantee continuous operation.

Szabó Levente - DS Smith

Levente Szabó
sales and
marketing director
DS Smith Packaging

DS Smith Packaging Hungary manufactures packaging that is vital in taking the most important goods to consumers. Sales and marketing director Levente Szabó explained: one of the reasons why they didn’t have to stop production is that they make the corrugated boards themselves, just like the majority of the paper they use. DS Smith forecasts that the increased proportion of online food, cleaning product, personal hygiene and beauty product sales will remain after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

AndrejszkiRichard - Chef Market

Dr. Richárd Andrejszki
Chef Market

Chef Market launched its consumer business line in mid-March. This was part of their preparations for the crisis, and it proved to be a very good idea: the company’s revenue from the HoReCa sector plunged by 70 percent after restaurants were forced to close. Chef market plans to keep this business unit after the end of the pandemic. CEO Dr Richárd Andrejszki shared the news that sales results are satisfying. He added that they had purchased new vehicles last year for transporting refrigerated products. Chef-Market’s online shopping service is growing week by week.


Cser Szilárd - Waberers

Szilárd Cser
logistics director

Waberer’s IT systems are very flexible and this was key in the last few weeks: the company was able to serve partners just like before the emergency situation. Logistics director Szilárd Cser spoke to us about switching to fully digital affairs management and cash-free payment. Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft. does warehouse storage on more than 220,000m². The company also provides in-house logistics services on the premises of other companies in many sectors, e.g. last year at Audi in Győr. Their own fleet of forklift trucks consists of 353 vehicles. //

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