Rolling restaurants

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2024. 04. 02. 08:53

At festivals food trucks are the main representatives of modern street food. Their domestic market is constantly evolving, fundamentally shaped by the latest trends, and the street food segment is responding quickly to the changes.

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Zoltán Horváth
Hungarian Street Food Association

“Ten years ago the emergence of food trucks in Hungary was deemed to be a passing fashion. We knew already back then that there is no better solution for serving food at festivals and outdoor events than food trucks”,

explains Zoltán Horváth, president of the Hungarian Street Food Association .

The association knows about roughly 150 active food trucks. Food trucks aren’t necessarily independent of traditional catering. Some food truck operators are building on the success of these “rolling restaurants” by opening a traditional eatery. The best example of this is Zing Burger, which started with one truck and is now the largest Hungarian branded burger chain with 14 units.

Mobile units specializing in function and product

What is the secret behind a successful food truck? Constant innovation and adapting to circumstances. As regards culinary trends, the most popular this year will be the flavours of authentic Thai cuisine, Brazilian tapioca sandwiches, and the meatless versions of Swiss raclette cheese. The association’s Food Truck Show now ties up 30-40% of its capacity. All other resources and income come from corporate catering orders. They are proud of their environmental consciousness: the Food Truck Show was the first “zero waste” gastronomic event and this year they are already celebrating the 100th such programme. //

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