Coca-Cola Energy is here

By: Trademagazin Date: 2019. 03. 28. 11:20

Coca-Cola fans, prepare to be hyped. And really, really energized.

The brand with the iconic red and white label has its sights set on producing its first line of energy drinks. On Friday, a Coca-Cola spokesperson confirmed to TODAY Food that it has a new proposed beverage line that will be called “Coca-Cola Energy.”

The drinks, according to the company spokesperson, will be made with “naturally-derived caffeine and guarana extract” and include a sugar-free option branded as “Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar.” Guarana is a plant with antioxidant-promoting properties native to the Amazon that research has shown has up to four times the amount of caffeine in its seeds than coffee beans. It’s a popular supplement additive and is also used to fight fatigue as a substitute for coffee.

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