Inflation here and beyond

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2024. 02. 15. 18:06

TMK logoPrice increases and food inflation are the biggest fear in our country today. The “My love trade marketing” conference reviewed the survival strategies of customers, the relationship between brands and trade, and the challenges of the present and future through local and international research and examples.

Nearly 200 people registered for the online event held on February 15. focusing on the implications of inflation. The My love trade marketing conference organized for more than 20 years around Valentine’s Day, this year had the subtitle “Here and Beyond Inflation”.

A lively conversation already developed during the gathering phase of the online meeting. Among other things, exchange rates, special retail taxes, consumption occasions, volume reduction, regulations, sales below the purchase price, price gouging and many other topics were discussed. In the spirit of a proper start, Hermann Zsuzsanna, the co-founder of the Trade Marketing Klub, greeted the gathering, and then, as the moderator of the morning session, asked the speakers in turn. The other two co-founders of the Klub, Ágnes Csiby and Ildikó Kátai, contributed to the success of the conference with questions, suggestions and leading the afternoon session.

TMK alapítók

Changing consumption patterns

Klenovszki JánosJános Klenovszki, the executive director of the NRC, presented the effects of the current social and economic environment on consumption and shopping through the eyes of the public in his presentation entitled Inflationary environment, past and future.

In the next two blocks, 3 presentations from the brand side and 3 from the retail side were given on the topic. The brand presentations – “Market reactions to beer from here and beyond” Dániel Salem, global category manager of Heineken (Netherlands), “No difference in the homeland” Beáta Harcsa, Bonafarm’s dairy marketing director, “What can trade marketing do in the new environment? Tamás Harmati, head of trade marketing at Coca-Cola HBC – highlighted their specific categories and presented their responses to the problems caused by inflation and the loss of volume. They agreed that image building branding, emphasis on values, the fight for market share, the importance of ATL and BTL communication, cost-effectiveness and a spectacular appearance in the sales area that stirs emotions and senses are still the keys to reaching and retaining shoppers and consumers. The excellent examples brought to realization proved the varied possibilities of creative, individual ideas and approaches.

Brand előadók

Parallel dimensions

The 3 commercial presentations – “New store chain, new strategy: COOP Szuper Plusz” Géza Tóth, CEO of CO-OP Hungary, “Convenience inflation” Viktória Ozoróczy, head of the Shell Hungary shop branch, “What changes when it changes?” Katalin Varga, SPAR’s digital manager – pointed out the challenges arising from various exposures, regulations, the competition for shoppers, and the need to change strategies. In addition to the importance of brand building, service development, and on- and offline communication, the participants were also able to see outstanding activities for the channel-specific execution of private label, pricing and promotion, and loyalty building.

Ozoróczy, Tóth, Varga

Development directions

Sándor Judit

“Does e-commerce also respond to the new situation?” Judit Sándor, Essity’s senior eCommerce content manager, Consumer Goods Europe, who logged in from Vienna, answered the question. Spectacular, educational, or even animated displays and activities in webshops can capture the attention of omnichannel customers and immediately generate purchases in a measurable way.

Hídvégi Zoltán

Artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to the production of fast, cost-effective videos, small-screen messages, and commercials, but they cannot replace human originality, he stated “How does AI help the advertising industry?” Zoltán Hídvégi, Executive Director of Umbrella, in his presentation.

dr. Réti István

The latest “Body Reaction Tracking” (brET) research methodology and results were presented, as well as the expected effects in shopper marketing, in the presentation “Rations from here and beyond – Not only the value of our money, but also the role of our rational mind decreases when shopping?” of Dr. István Réti, owner of Forma Display.

At the end of the conference, István Gál, the CEO of Inepex, and Orsolya Gábor, the head of marketing at iData, presented solutions on the topic of increasing efficiency, also raised by brands earlier, in their presentation entitled “Racing, Porsche, love, or effective planning, measurement and control of the work done in the field”.

Gábor Orsolya, Gál István

Those interested in TMK are invited to an exclusive visit by the founders at the Sirha exhibition (Hungexpo, March 5-7), to the Future Store on March 6 from 3 p.m. On April 11, from 3 p.m., the “Market researchers first-hand” meeting will be held in an online Klub meeting. More information:

A detailed summary of the conference will be available in the May print issue of Trade magazin.

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