The discounters reduce the price of Easter ham with imports: what can we expect this year?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 11:34

As the Easter season approaches, discounters are trying to enter the price competition with imported meat products, especially imported Easter ham. According to the advice of the Meat Association, those who want a quality product should opt for domestic hams – reports

In the offer of the discount chains, you can see a retreat from the cheaper, entry-level price category, and they focus more on the quality categories. However, in terms of price and circulation, it seems that the discounters take the lead, while most of the cheapest products they offer come from imports.

The statistics of recent years show that the tendency of consumers has turned towards lower-priced, lower-quality products. And this may continue this season, especially because of the many sales and cheaper imported hams.

In order to avoid disappointment at the festive table, experts advise to carefully read product labels and choose from quality domestic products. Although there is price competition at the level of lower-quality meat, the domestic meat industry companies do not participate in it, because it would be unprofitable for them.

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