This is how Hungarians celebrate Halloween

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 10. 26. 11:41

Here is the period of pumpkin lanterns, witty decorations, terrifying but mouth-watering sweets, on the occasion of which Euronics assessed the Halloween-related habits of Hungarians among its own customers in an online questionnaire. Regarding the holiday, which is already widespread in our country, the opinions of the respondents are divided: for example, the majority of the respondents have already bought some kind of decoration for the occasion and also carve a pumpkin, but not too many people plan to dress up this year.

Although many may consider it just a Western, foreign custom, Halloween can be a good party for the whole family. It is no coincidence that one fifth of those who fill out the Euronics questionnaire* celebrate Halloween every year, and another fifth when they are invited to an event with such a theme. But where does this often misunderstood holiday come from? Although it may be surprising, it is not from the United States. In fact, this custom goes back to the Celtic holy holiday, Samhain, the Celtic New Year, although it is undeniable that many people know its modern version from American movies.

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