That is how community gardens operate

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 04. 07. 11:19

Peppers, tomatoes and basil in the shadow of the block of flats. After Budapest, community gardens are created in more and more rural settlements. How we can create blooming small gardens from neglected lands, and how seedling can bring communities together?


The creation of community gardens has become a kind of “movement” in the past four or five years – Rosta Gábor, president of the City Gardens (Városi Kertek) in the Napközben show of the public radio. One very important aspect of such gardens, that a local community to be created with completely different social backgrounds, which is kept together by the organizing force – added Kertész Mónika, the Curator of the Contemporary Architecture Centre, head of the Community Gardens (Közösségi Kertek) program.
If someone would like to take part in a community garden project can find more useful informations at the and the sites. (Kossuth Rádió/Napközben,

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