This is how the labor market will be in 2024: how many applications will an average job seeker submit?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 20. 11:08

Active job seekers are prepared for their job search: applicants prepare for a job interview by writing down questions, making sketches and reviewing the company, most of whom submit their resumes to at least two, but at most five places at the same time – among other things, this was revealed at the 55. From online research prepared by the University Job Exchange. Based on the answers of the companies participating in the survey, it can be stated that although we live in the world of social media, most companies still advertise their open positions in traditional ways and channels, for example on a career portal, Job Exchange or their own company website.

Recruitment trends, including employers’ preferences and employee readiness, were examined in their latest research by the organizers of the University Job Exchange.

Balázs Orbán, managing director of Műegyetemi Hallgatói Kft., evaluated the results and said that according to the survey conducted with the participation of more than 400 employees, the majority (82%) look for work on job search portals, but every second respondent also purposefully searches on the employer’s website. The third most popular platform is the University Job Exchange (38%), but a significant number of job seekers look on social media (37%) and LinkedIn (32%).

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