This year, Penny is the winner

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 09. 21. 16:11

PENNY Market Kft. won the prestigious Magyar Termékekért Kereskedelmi Nívódíj award, founded by Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft. and Trade Magazin. It was presented to Géza Vincze, PENNY’s purchasing director, at the largest event in the industry, the Business Days in Tapolca, by Minister of Agriculture Dr. István Nagy.

The awardees received their recognition at Business Days in Tapolca

PENNY Market Kft., the hard discount store chain with the longest history in Hungary, won the Hungarian Product Excellence Award in 2022 based on the votes of manufacturers using the trademark. The silver medalist of the competition held under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. István Nagy, was SPAR, and the bronze medalist was AUCHAN. CBA received a special professional award. The work committee coordinating the awards awarded the professional special award to the winner because in 2021, he provided comprehensive, favorable conditions and extensive support for the promotion of branded products. The companies received the awards from the Minister of Agriculture at the largest event of the profession, the Business Days in Tapolca.

The developments of recent years and the epidemic situation have drawn attention to the importance of Hungarian products, and even to the fact that there will be a greater need for mutual support than ever before – stressed Eszter Benedek, managing director of Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft., at the award ceremony. It is no exaggeration that we are going through a difficult period and we have to face new very serious challenges. There can hardly be any question that in such a situation belonging to the community becomes a real value. After all, opportunities may open up for community members that they would not be able to realize on their own. Today, the Hungarian Product trademark has become such an umbrella, and what’s more, it has become a force. More than 220 companies use one of the trademarks on more than 5,000 products. Their economic power is significant, as their total revenue is already more than HUF 1,700 billion, and their manufacturers employ 43,000 people.


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