How to save the New Year’s resolution for February?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 26. 10:21

We are well past January 19, when most people are supposed to give up their New Year’s resolutions. According to research, every fifth person wants to change at the beginning of the year, but only 8 percent succeed. The National Association of Hungarian Dietitians wants to give new impetus to the dwindling determination with its advice, so that we do not have to be disappointed in ourselves and can keep our promise to change our lifestyle in the long term.

Our body weight is also influenced by the energy balance, which shows the ratio between the calories consumed and the calories used. If this is in balance, i.e. we use just as many calories as we take in, then the body weight does not change. On the other hand, if the calorie intake permanently exceeds the consumption, we will gain weight, and if we take in less, we will naturally lose weight. The realistic goal is to have a healthier body weight that can be maintained in the long term as part of a healthier lifestyle. According to the dieticians’ calculations, weight loss at a normal rate can be achieved with an energy intake of 300-700, on average 500 kilocalories less than the daily calorie requirement, depending on the degree of excess weight. There are several ways to do this: on the one hand, smarter nutrition, on the other hand, more sports and physical activity, which increase energy consumption, and ideally a combination of the two.

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