Seven trends shaping in-store marketing and retail design in 2024

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2024. 03. 28. 10:56

Smart brands know that in-store marketing and store design can work wonders when it comes to converting onlookers into shoppers, and shoppers into loyal brand advocates. In this article we summarise the trends for 2024, as outlined by Imagine Studio in the US.

This article is available for reading in Trade magazin 2024/2-3

#1 Patterns and structures

Patterns and structures are simple things that can easily engage an audience – they are eye-catching and add depth to a space, drawing the eyes wherever you want them to go. Materials and patterns need to be chosen to support the feeling that the brand is trying to evoke. The good news is that you can make significant savings if you can realise your ideas with printed materials.

#2 The power of layering

Instead of the familiar and generally used 2D, it is worth experimenting with 3D. Layering elements is a great way to break the monotony and grab customer attention. Each element of a display can be thought of as a separate layer, which plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of the space. Instead of a simple one-dimensional display or poster, try adding one or two (or even more) layers.

#3 Organic shapes

Instead of sharp lines and corners, this trend is all about the soft, organic shapes – curved, wavy, circular – we can find in nature. Organic shapes can create a surprise in the store and make a statement, while also appealing to the emotions of the customer. In order to create organic shapes in large quantities in a cost-effective fashion, it is best to choose lightweight, cheaper materials that can be bent into shape or can create the illusion of these shapes when pressed.

#4 Bigger than life-size

Size does matter. It is more rewarding to use giant items, as customers can see the display long before they approach it. Photos taken in front of huge displays can also be an advantage for those seeking word of mouth publicity, as the shares on social media mean free advertising for the brand. When planning, it makes sense to choose strategic locations that guarantee the greatest possible impact and the biggest customer reach.

Launched by Imagine Studio in cinemas in the summer of 2023 to promote the Barbie movie, the Barbie box was enthusiastically photographed by audiences around the world. A total of 700 boxes, with inscriptions in 19 different languages, had to be delivered to their destinations in an easy-to-assemble format

#5 Colours and lights

With the intelligent integration of colour and light, you can make both the products and the atmosphere of the store more appealing, so brands that wish to evoke positive customer feelings should start with this. Colour use influences many subconscious processes – it is no coincidence that experts rely on the creative aspects of colour to influence consumer behaviour. Combining colours and lights can have impressive effects on simple displays.

#6 Fabrics

Soft signage is the perfect choice for creating an unforgettable in-store experience: eye-catching and durable indoor and outdoor elements can be made cost-effectively and easily. Digitally printed fabrics allow your brand colours to shine in their full glory. Soft signage can brighten up a space in a second, while creating special effects you wouldn’t think possible. With digitally printed fabrics, you can also experiment with lights and colours: most fabrics give off a spectacular glow when backlit.

Soft signage is the perfect choice for creating an unforgettable in-store experience: eye-catching and durable indoor and outdoor elements can be made cost-effectively and easily

#7 Be flexible with the structural elements!

This trend is all about making the structural elements that are already necessary in the store more functional and trendy, and integrating them into the retailer’s design vision to enhance the brand experience. In a flagship store or at an event, structural elements can be used to create spectacular spaces in the room. //

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