Heineken: these are the best clubs of Budapest!

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 02. 02. 11:32

The Heineken Budapest Nightlife Awards – the competition of entertainment venues, clubs, pubs and bar in Budapest – was organized for the first time. The competition involved a total of nearly 100 places, while over 10 000 votes were received. The awards were handed over on 28 January 2016 at the Fogasház to the 35 winners of the 12 categories, who were celebrated at a huge party.


The winners of the Heineken Budapest Nightlife Awards:

Best party organizer category:
I. Citymatiné
II. Next Level
III. Lavalava

Best wine bar category:
I. Divino
II. Doblo
III. Apropó

Best crafted beer pub category:
I. Léhűtő
II. Bestia

Best outdoor catering unit category:
I. Budapest Park
II. Raqpart
III. Fröccsterasz

Best concert venue category:
I. Akvárium klub
II. Budapest Park
III. Barba Negra Music Club

Best pub category:
I. Aznap
II. Telep
III. Liebling

Best ruin pub category:
I. Ankert
II. Fogasház
III. Instant

Best bar category:
I. Raktár bár
II. Badgirlz Barclub

Best gay-friendly place category
I. Anker’t
II. Tütü
III. KIOSK Budapest

Best small club category:
I. VOLT Music Bar@Akvárium
III. Toldi klub

Best large club category:
I. Akvárium
II. Tesla
III. Ötkert

Best rural town category::
I. Pécs
II. Győr
III. Szeged

Heineken Special Award: Bártfalvi Sándor, Mary PopKids

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