We accumulate household biscuits the most because of the pandemic

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 03. 04. 11:26
We’ve been eating significantly more biscuits since the outbreak of the pandemic. During the large accumulation, the turnover of household biscuits increased by 50 percent, and 50 percent more of the extruded breads was consumed. The data show that these were not one-off purchases, as these foods are permanently sold more in stores for more than a year.

– One of the big winners of the changing consumer habits due to the pandemic were biscuits, whose store turnover increased by about 15 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year – Koósa Péter, Managing Director of teh Detki Keksz Kft. (Detki Biscuits Ltd.) characterized the change in demand caused by the pandemic. Retail sales of biscuit products have also risen 6-8 percent in recent years, but there has been no example of a jump like last year, and this is clearly due to the fact that people were more at home and had to deal with their meals differently than away from home.

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