In three years, Henkel planted five thousand trees

By: STA Date: 2022. 11. 30. 13:26

As a result of Henkel’s tree planting initiative that began in 2020, the number of trees planted in forests, parks, and public spaces has already reached five thousand. This year, the partners of the initiative launched in cooperation with the 10 Million Fa Foundation are customers of Tesco and the ProNature product line. At the end of the promotion, Henkel contributed to the planting of 35 trees at the end of November, paying tribute to the anniversary of its existence in Hungary.

Volunteers from Henkel and Tesco also took part in the tree planting (Photo: Henkel)

For the third year now, Henkel is planting trees for a sustainable future with the help of the ProNature product line. A total of 2,000 trees will be planted this year, of which 35 will be located near Henkel’s Budapest office to celebrate the anniversary of the company’s existence in Hungary. The ProNature product line, created by combining innovation and sustainability, started planting trees in 2020 with the involvement of its consumers in partnership with the 10 Million Trees Foundation. In the first year, HUF 5 million was collected as part of the campaign, from which a total of 1,000 large-sized trained and small free-rooted trees were planted. Last year, 2,000 trees were planted with a HUF 3 million subsidy, also with the involvement of ProNature product buyers, mostly in forests. This year, ProNature Clean home, clean planet! campaign, customers of products with ProNature, K2r Eco or Silan Naturals logos in Tesco stores contributed HUF 100 per product to the activities of the 10 Million Trees Foundation, with which it has been cooperating for the third year. In the campaign between October 13 and November 23, Henkel increased the amount received from Bref, Somat, Pur, Clin ProNature, and K2r Eco or Silan Naturals products to HUF 3 million, of which large-scale cultivated and suitable for afforestation saplings were planted. Henkel’s volunteers also took part in the works.

Since Henkel is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its entry into the Hungarian market this year, as part of this year’s installations, near the company’s head office, IX. On November 28, he planted 35 large trees on Madaras József Square in the district. Volunteer employees from Henkel and Tesco, as well as actress Lia Pokorny, one of the ambassadors of the 10 Million Wood Foundation, also took part in the works. In three years, the number of trees planted by Henkel has now reached 5,000.

With recycled plastic for sustainability

Henkel brands with the ProNature label provide proven high-quality cleaning performance, taking into account sustainability aspects, whether it is hand or machine washing, cleaning toilets, window and bathroom cleaners or color-catching cloths. Compared to the standard Henkel product range, the members of the range are made using more sustainable and natural ingredients, and their packaging contains recycled plastic and cardboard, as well as Social Plastic®. The latter is a raw material made by recycling plastics collected from the ocean with the help of the local population in many parts of the world in coordination with Henkel’s partner, Plastic Bank, a social enterprise.

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