GVH: the competition office procedure reached its goal, Kometa fulfilled its commitments

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 23. 11:58

Kometa fulfilled its commitments, thus the previous procedure of the Economic Competition Authority (GVH), in which the communication campaigns of the meat company were investigated, was effective – the competition authority informed MTI on Thursday, based on the results of its follow-up investigation.

According to the announcement of the GVH, their original investigation evaluated the commercial campaigns of Kometa 99 Élélmiszeripari Zrt. based around two slogans. The procedure also extended to the possible misleading communication of statements indicating the effect of some of the company’s products on health.

Kometa made a commitment during the procedure, which was accepted by the GVH Competition Council.

The company undertook to launch a communication campaign in order to increase consumer awareness, on the topic of nutritional needs and food choices, and to create a website where it provides information on the differences between the nutritional needs of individual consumer groups. The company also undertook to develop an internal compliance program.

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